Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eating risoni in an empty cinema

Today was my last real day of holidays - everyone knows weekends don't count - you get them off anyway.

I wore this Camille-Lucie ring to celebrate. It's past its prime now, having had the tangerine oval covered in superglue (it fell out, I was making like modern woman - doing it for self, etc).

Yesterday I received a brown paper package tied up with string (no, really!) from my favourite little girl in the world, Stella (you may or may not know that I also have a baby called Stella, although she is a b&w DSH - i.e. a cat) and her beautiful mummy and daddy. It contained these beautiful replica 70s owls - currently taking pride of place on the mantel piece until I figure out better place to display.

In the spirit of celebration, I wore a party frock. Truly! Below is a dress I purchased years ago, tucked into jeans as a top. Wore this dress-top to death in '08 - because I am SKINT I am now bringing it out again.

We went to the movies, today. I'm afraid I won't be able to go to a normal movie theatre again. Because it was before 5pm, tickets were the bargain basement price of $12 each - plus we got to eat proper meals whilst watching our movie. Yes, I know, like gold class. HOWEVER - this is in rural NZ, the couches were super comfy (with cushions), the prices are cheap-cheep and WE GOT THE WHOLE PLACE TO OURSELVES. In case you're interested, we saw Albert Nobbs - 7/10 - could see Glenn Close being nominated for Oscar, though - Hilary Swank Boys Don't Cry style.

Last night I made one of my favourites - fish tacos. I posted this to instagram (my user name is lydiaml in case you're interested) and recipe was requested. For prosperity and so any interested parties can emulate - click here for orginal Food Safari recipe. My comments - I don't bother about slicing fish up, I more let it marinate and cook in its juices in the pan and break up in pan and serve right away.

Finally, I bloody love cheese - we devoured this little treasure courtesy of trip to Wellington and Moore Wilson whilst watching a DVD last night. (We actually watched two - Swinging with the Finkels 7/10 and Paul 7.5/10)

Tonight, N has gone to the Slot Cars (or the stock cars, I completely forget the difference) in black jeans and a flannie - which I'm told is the cultural norm. here in our new home town. I think he's gone for the hotdogs, beers and chips, though, to be honest - which is fine with me, I'm breaking out the Christmas chocolates and watching trashy TV on the internet. God, I love holidays. Don't you?

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