Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So, did you know?

I have moved to En Zed.

Tha hanky is actually quite appropriate as I was quite sad about this. You see, Melbourne is my home and I love it dearly. Have taken it upon myself to resurrect this blog and talk about (read: distract self) with the goings on in my new home.

Best thing about NZ, as far as I can see? Green lipped mussels being sold fresh in all supermarkets.

I cook a lot and take pleasure in lining up all my ingredients in their correct quantities in separate little bowls - for two reasons - 1) Ok, I kind of pretend I have my own cooking show and throw in prepared ingredients with flourish/gusto, etc; and 2) I live with a chef and perhaps his mise en place habits have rubbed off on me.

I am cooking mainly vegetarian and pescetarian meals, now. Above is the nicest lentil cottage pie you have ever tasted.

Spinach, fetta and ricotta filos.

Veg curry (i.e. leftover user-upper-er)

Last year at Lake Taupo - I put this up in memory of summer holidays (all but gone and no sun to be seen this year).

Last night I made an Italian feast of stuffed zucchini flowers, tomato and basil salad, cavalo nero pasta and rosemary and seasalt foccacia. I think I'm going through a bit of an Italian phase. Anyone have any tried and true easy pasta making recipes (fancy pasta maker needs to be NOT a requirement) ?

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